No reservations required. Read our COVID-19 Policy

First Visit + Climbing at Oso

1) 180 members at a time: Despite no restrictions on capacity, we will continue to allow a maximum of 180 individuals in the gym at a time. We’re confident that this will allow all staff and community members the ability to safely maintain social distancing best practices.

2) Scheduled cleaning every 2 hours: Our staff will clean and sanitize surfaces, bathrooms, climbing bays, and other high-touch areas every two hours, in addition to our spot cleaning throughout the day, as well as our nightly deep cleaning.

3) Sign your waiver: To reduce the duration of interactions between members and Oso staff, all waivers must be signed remotely before entering the gym. You can sign your waiver HERE.

4) Climb on your schedule: We will no longer require you to book classes in order to climb. Class booking tool will still be utilized to reserve your space for yoga and fitness training classes.

5) Download the Oso App: Using our app further reduces interactions between members and Oso staff. You can use the app to 1) buy memberships, 2) book yoga and fitness classes, and 3) scan in when you arrive at Oso (no keychain tags required). You can download the app for iOS and Android.

6) Checking in: Please have all waivers signed before entering the gym. If you download our app, you can check in using the barcode in the app. Otherwise, our staff will create a bar code for you.

7) Start Climbing: Now to the fun part, start climbing! Please observe all of our social distancing practices stated below.

Oso Staff and Gym Policies

These policies are designed to keep our community members and staff safe by minimizing the number of interactions and their duration among guests and staff members.

1) Scheduled cleaning every 2 hours: Our staff will clean and sanitize surfaces, bathrooms, climbing bays, and other high-touch areas every two hours, in addition to our spot cleaning throughout the day, as well as our nightly deep cleaning.

2) Oso Staff: All staff will wear face coverings at all times for the health of our staff and members.

3) Staff Screening: Each staff member will be screened at the beginning and end of their shift for COVID-19 related symptoms.

4) Monitoring Social Distancing: Our staff will help remind members to follow social distancing practices while climbing.

5) Limited rental shoes | No rental chalk: An extremely limited number of rental shoes will be available which we will clean after every use and be taken out of service for at least 1 day after their use. We highly encourage you to bring your own shoes or plan to purchase them at the gym. Chalk will not be available for rental at this time.

6) No cash accepted: To limit interactions between members and Oso staff, we will not accept cash at this time. We highly encourage all purchases to be done through your mobile app (we support fully contactless transactions).

7) Services that will be open: All our climbing bays, Kilter Board, Cardio Room, Yoga Studio (for individual use and classes), Functional Fitness and Weight Training Room, Mezzanine Lounge, Saunas and Showers, Retail Shop, and our restrooms and water bottle fill stations will be open.

8) Services that will be limited: The coffee, beer and wine sales will be unavailable. We plan to bring these services online following full availability of vaccines to any adult desiring them and a substantial reduction in COVID cases in Dallas County.

Community Member Responsibilities

These policies are your responsibility as community members to keep you and our staff safe.

1) Face Coverings: All visitors must wear face coverings at all times, even while climbing. Face coverings, though highly encouraged, may be removed once you hit the mat in yoga classes, or while training in the fitness studio and cardio room and maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing from others.

2) Wear shoes at all times: Shoes must be worn at all times, even in between climbs. We encourage you to bring slip on shoes or sandals to make it easier to switch between street shoes and climbing shoes.

3) Entering and exiting the gym: Please enter and exit through the front entrance of the gym.

4) Hand Sanitization: Thoroughly sanitize your hands before entering and exiting the gym.

5) Maintain 6 feet of distance: At all times, even while climbing and resting on the mats, please stay 6 feet from other visitors.

6) Follow Social Distance Markings: Please follow all markings that help maintain social distancing.

7) Bring Water: Bring your own water. Water will be available for purchase and water bottle fill stations may be used, as well as water fountains.

8) Use liquid chalk: Liquid chalk use is highly encouraged as it reduces airborne chalk particles and contains alcohol. We will have liquid chalk available for purchase.

9) Do not share chalk bags: Please do not share chalk bags. Further, we will not have rental chalk bags available at this time.

10) Follow Oso’s Policies: To ensure the health and safety of our members and guests, we will actively enforce all policies. Any visitor who violates our policies will be asked to leave the gym.

COVID-19 Self Assessment

Before entering the gym, please conduct a self-assessment to determine if you are experiencing new or worsening signs or symptoms of COVID-19:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not enter the gym for the safety our staff and fellow members.

Fitness Center COVID-19 Policies

  1. Masks are required unless doing cardio or on a machine in the cardio room.
  2. Gloves are not required.
  3. Clean all surfaces and equipment after each use.

Yoga COVID-19 Policies

  1. Class attendance limit is 12
  2. Wear a mask in the facility until you hit your mat in the yoga studio
  3. Bring your own equipment and mat (or buy them here)
  4. Sanitize your mat after your yoga class
  5. Oso staff sanitizes all surfaces between yoga classes