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Interested in bringing Oso to your company?

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Happy and healthy employees are critical to your success. Reward their hard work with a membership that’ll improve work-life balance and let them know that you care. Think your employer might be interested in offering Oso memberships to their employees? Let us know and we’ll reach out to them.

  • If you are, we'll throw a free Day Pass on your account just for connecting us with your employer and recommending a Corporate Wellness program.
  • Please tell us the name of your employer.
  • This is just an estimate - it helps us to know how many employees may be interested in Oso Corporate Wellness memberships (and the larger the company, the better the discount that we offer to employers).
  • This is a leader in your company who we should talk to about Oso Corporate Wellness program options. This is likely a member of HR, Operations, or, if you're a smaller company, a member of your corporate leadership team. It can also be you!
  • This is the email address we will use to reach out to your employer to let them know that an employee is interested in your company considering an Oso Corporate Wellness membership program. Again, this can also be you!
  • This is optional, but let us know if there's anything specific you'd like us to know about your inquiry.

We have a lot of options that your employees will love and keep them coming back.

Our memberships include unlimited monthly access to our facility, free climbing rental shoes, Oso Essentials classes, MeetUp groups, guest passes to share with friends and family members, retail and gear discounts, and access to co-working space with free WiFi.

  • 36,000 sqft+ bouldering and fitness facility
  • Oso Essentials yoga and fitness classes
  • Olympic lifts, functional fitness, free weights, and machines
  • Premium Yoga Studio
  • Full locker rooms with saunas, showers and lockers
  • Co-working space and mezzanine lounge
  • Skyline cardio room

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